Oleksandr Balbyshev


Male Nudes
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I like to look at a beautiful male body. Therefore, I am sad that there are so little masculine sensuality and beauty in the art world. About 30 years ago, a group of feminist artists, Guerrilla Girls, decided to determine the ratio of male and female nudes presented on canvases exhibited at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It turned out that male nudes are only 15%. And it seems that today the situation has not changed much. On online galleries where I sell my art, male nudes are about 20%. Whil

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In my abstract works I use a visual language of shape, color and line to create a something unsurpassed which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. ... Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in depiction of imagery, it can address concepts that are intangible and theoretical, existing in the realms of mind and spirit, rather than in outer reality. You can see a misty landscape, you can see the sky glows with the last rays of the sun, you can see the

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I find inspiration from the bright and unreal world that is on the other side of my phone screen. This is a world created from the dreams of millions of social networks users. This virtuality is my Wonderland, it is it that is depicted in my paintings. I like to paint a sensually opened mouth, a dreamy eyes, a gentle neck bend, a careless forelock, a bashful color in cheeks ... I create works that are designed to please the eye and heat the imagination. For me, more important is the variety of t

Limited Edition Prints
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Limited editions of my artworks. The edition is 20 pieces per image.

Metamorphoses of Lenin
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In 2015 the Ukrainian government banned all symbols and images associated with the USSR. But numerous oil portraits, sculptures, monuments and other images of Lenin began to be removed from public places decades before the «decommunization laws». What happened to the hundreds of thousands portraits of former Soviet leader? Many of them are already destroyed. Some of them had been left in attics or basements. I am looking for all these forgotten things and giving them a new life and a new artisti

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Work with found objects occupy an important place in my art. It’s something in between the meditative practice and the research. With all the fun of my manipulations with found objects, they acquires new meanings, an antonymous combination of play and seriousness, prompting the viewer to go beyond the accepted paradigm. Images from the deep subconscious give rise to different sences that inspire to thinking and reflection.

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I create works that are designed to please the eye and heat the imagination. For me, more important is the variety of thoughts arising from the viewer in the process of contemplation than the clarity and certainty of these thoughts.

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