Oleksandr Balbyshev

Oleksandr Balbyshev "Children. Missiles. Lenin" (2022) Sold

35.4x27.6 in ~ Painting, Oil


FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. Due to the war russia started against my country, the international delivery can take about a month.

About the artwork
I painted the drawing of 6 years old boy from Mariupol on top of Lenin's found soviet-era portrait. Little Lev made that drawing in April 2022 when he with his family were hiding in the Azovstal bunkers from russian firing. The boy portrayed the bombing, wounded people, and the gray dog from the shelter. The text on the drawing: "Adults and children know new signs. If gray barks, this means that missiles fly."

Lenin, with his red army, occupated my country in 1922. They murdered millions of Ukrainians and other nations. But people worldwide don't consider Lenin a murderer and terrorist because he won.

And now Lenin's successor from the Kremlin tries to destroy an independent Ukraine and pull it into Moscow's deadly hug. The world must not allow Putin to win.

The canvas is a little damaged.

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