Oleksandr Balbyshev

Oleksandr Balbyshev "I Swear It Wasn't Me" (2020) Sold

59.1x43.3 in ~ Painting, Oil


FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. Due to the war russia started against my country, the international delivery can take about a month.

About the artwork
In this artwork, I have combined my love for male nude and decorative floral patterns.

Ukrainians have always been famous for their urge for excessive decorative effects and embellishment. Since ancient times, Ukrainians decorated their homes with funny drawings on the walls, their clothes, and textiles with colorful embroideries. Ukrainian women wore wreaths with flowers and flashy ribbons, and many bright decoration things. Even the formidable Cossack warriors were very fashionable. During peacetime, they wore clothes made of brocade and silk with gold or silver threads. Cossack's accessories were abundantly decorated with embroidered ornaments. Cossacks considered that looking dressy is a matter of honor. Ukrainian icon painting was also different from the ascetic and grim Russian icon. It was full of floral ornaments and ruddy full of life faces.
Nowadays, Ukrainian people like everything bright and beautiful. And it’s not surprising that I like the same as well. That’s why I have a craving for decorativeness and the use of ornaments in my artworks.

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